Gotta Start Somewhere

“Gotta Start Somewhere” is my theme for 2020. This saying is now on my letter board so we know it’s official.

I’ve always been good at dreaming, planning, even scheming but what good is that if you never actually DO anything. Well, starting now this changes. I’m stepping out into the world of blogging and pretending like I have a voice worth listening to. I have a passion for interior design, DIY home projects and raising my 3 boys. And for some crazy reason I want to share all of that with you!

I often want to be at the finish line, straight to the happy ending without having to put the work in (I know I’m not alone in this). But I’m discovering how much I’m missing out on when I try to live my life in “fast forward” mode. There was a time when this life, right now is what I was dreaming of! How sad that I’m not taking the time to enjoy it.

In the midst of starting new adventures and dreaming of the happy ending is the space in between. This is the space I usually loath and want to skip through, this is the space I will commit to embracing. I hope you will come with me and we’ll learn together to love where we are at, knowing that what we do now shapes who we are tomorrow. And these spaces between is really what makes up our life in the end!

Thanks for being here, I can’t wait to see where this goes!

4 thoughts on “Gotta Start Somewhere”

  1. I am so excited about this. It’s so encouraging. I’m so encouraged. I’ve recently been sobbing my brains out (no surprise) with thoughts of ” where has the time gone!!?” The space in between is so crucial and necessary. Time is flying because like you said, “fast forward” is how so many of us live. I will commit too, to leaning into the process. I love you, I so appreciate you, and I’m so dang proud of you. Gonna stand with you, in the spaces between. Xo


  2. Totally! I found an old paper with my goals for turning 30. So much of what I wanted or hoped for has now become ordinary. But seeing that sheet of paper reminded me to sit in the now and be grateful. Love the whole concept of luxuriating in the in between


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