Painting an Above Ground Pool

Don’t you love the look of an above ground pool? Yeah, me neither.

I scoured the internet for ideas on how to mask the beast but all I could find was deck surrounds.

As much as I love a good deck, I wasn’t about to drop hundreds of dollars and a lot of hard work on a non permanent structure like an above ground pool.

So I thought what is the most inexpensive way to make the biggest impact? (hint: paint is always the answer to this question)

Paint!!! Of course! Now lets research painting an above ground pool. Well…. looks like it hasn’t been done, cool. So that means I’m on my own.

I know pool walls are made of vinyl so I learned that for vinyl you want exterior, acrylic paint. Seems simple enough, why has no one done this?

I made sure I cleaned the sides real good with a degreaser and set to painting. You guys, thats it! It was so easy and made a HUGE difference!!! Again I ask why has no one done this yet?!?

I started with cutting in around the poles and at the top, then used a foam roller for the rest.

Anyway, I’m done screaming about ugly above ground pools. Please try this and let me know your results!

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